Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you’ve decide to host an Easter party this year, no doubt you’re looking for some good Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas. From invitations to prizes, we can help you plan a fun and exciting time every age can enjoy.

Invitations can be as simple or complex as you wish. If pressed for time, or creativity, use a website for electronic invitations. For something a little fancier or unique, look at a boutique store, online or at the mall, for a notecard and envelope set.

easter scavenger hunt ideas

For those who are crafty or have kids who want to help, head over to your local craft store and pick up patterned scrapbook papers, stickers and other embellishments. Cut out bunnies, chicks and eggs and glue them to card stock. If you’re able to hand-deliver your invitations, consider making a treasure box invite. Fill it with colored grass, confetti and a plastic egg with all the information inside.

You can have an Easter Scavenger Hunt in many different locations. If you have enough space, your house and/or backyard is the obvious place to use. However, think about having your party in a park, playground or your your church. You could also try a local farm with a petting zoo. If you want to involve a few families, you could have a neighborhood Easter Scavenger Hunt that goes into multiple houses.

Think outside of the box, or egg, when it comes to clues. Consider making a map, leading from one spot to the next. Little kids can use a simple map with pictures while older kids could use a map where they have to count paces and find directions to figure out where to go. For younger kids who are learning to spell you could put letters on eggs and have each child find enough eggs to spell out their name. Older kids could get a list of specific eggs to find (e.g. 5 blue, 2 with purple polka dots) and the first one to get every egg on the list wins a prize.

If your event is outside, there are a lot of nature-friendly Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas. You could pair younger kids with an older kid or grownup and give them a list of items to find. The key is each item has to fit inside a plastic egg. They could search for things that are heavy and light, organic and man made, new and old, etc. The team with the most original found things gets a special gold or silver egg.

Another option is a photo hunt. Participants must take a picture (on a digital camera or cell phone) of the answer to a clue. When they bring back a picture of the correct item, they get an egg and a new clue. If you’re able to get photos of all the grownups (or older kids who won’t be searching) who’ll be at the party, put their pictures in the eggs. Have them spread out as much as possible. When the kids get an egg, he has to go find the person who matches the picture. That person gives the next egg, along with a small treat.

If you want to have an Easter Scavenger Hunt for older kids, try holding it at night. Participants can use flashlights and wear glow-in-the-dark shirts. Put curled glow sticks or small LEDs in the eggs to make them easier to find.

We hope these Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas will inspire you to create a new tradition for you and your loved ones.

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Author: Craig McKeachie is a husband, father, software developer, and the founder of christmasscavengerhunt.org.

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