Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

Who says the Easter Bunny gets to have all the fun? Why not enhance your traditional Easter scavenger hunt with fun, brain-twisting puzzles that will entertain everyone?

There are a few ways to mix an Easter scavenger hunt into your traditions. Instead of giving your kids a basket that’s already filled, let them search through the house for their candy, gifts and chocolate. You could also get together with a few families after Sunday services and host a brunch at the church with a scavenger hunt for entertainment.

easter scavenger hunt clues

If you want a way to burn off some of the sugar rush, consider adding some Easter scavenger hunt clues with a fitness twist. Participants have to perform ten “bunny hops”, sit ups, jumping “jackrabbits”, etc in order to get the next clue. Younger kids might have to go down a slide three times or swing from a monkey bar five times. This is a great option if you want to have your party at a park where egg hiding might be more limited.

If it’s a big family event, the Easter scavenger hunt clues could be trivia based. The kids would have to answer questions like what someone’s maiden name is, who had a crazy first job or who was the oldest in the family to get the next clue. Not only will everyone have fun, you might learn something new about your family.

Here are a few clues to inspire you:

Your clue is where it’s hot and cold, soft and loud. Find it where it rains without clouds. (Shower)
Spring showers bring flowers sweet. It also makes puddles, so protect your feet! (Rain boots)

Your next clue isn’t hard, no biggie. Find it where there are clothes for your piggies! (Sock drawer)

Ducks, chicks, and even sheep are what your dog dreams of when it goes to sleep. (Dog bed/crate)

The next egg will certainly be spic and span. It’s where you clean dishes, pots and pans. (Dishwasher)

Homes for bunnies, cool and green, underneath where they can’t be seen. (Bushes)

Ducks say “quack quack” and hens cluck “bock bock”. Look for your egg where you hear “tick tock”. (Clock)

It’s where Peter Cottontail got his name. If you need a bunny tail, these look just the same. (Cotton balls)

They have colors like Easter eggs dyed so bright. Reds, blues, pinks, greens and even some white. (Crayons/markers/construction paper)

Peter, Wilbur or a delicious carrot cake. Find them here and let imagination wake. (Bookshelf)

The next clue is in a place usually hidden up high. It’s a typical house for those who play in the sky. (Nest)

Look for an egg where lambs like to snack. If you lay down there, this might tickle your back. (Grass)

It’s not a problem for little bunnies, but if you got stuck underneath, it might be really funny. (Fence)

Delivering here may be the Easter Bunny’s other employ. Opening what’s been sent can bring you great joy. (Mailbox)

It’s easy to customize Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues to your family and location. With a little imagination, you can have the coolest Easter celebration around!

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Author: Craig McKeachie is a husband, father, software developer, and the founder of christmasscavengerhunt.org.

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